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Robert Reid | Fleur de Lis | c.1895-1900 
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Rear Window (1954)


Halcyone by Herbert James Draper


A solitary fisherman’s home keeps watch on quiet Placentia Bay in Newfoundland, Canada, 1974.Photograph by Sam Abell, National Geographic Creative
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"Look out at this sand.  If you shield your eyes from the horizon, your sense of perception is completely destroyed.  Is this sand ten feet away or miles away?" she asked me, still staring out into the dunes.
"I don’t know… I can’t tell."
"That’s right.  For all you know, it could be infinite.  With each step you take, each passing second of travel, you have no way to knowing how far you have gone, or how far you have to go."
I looked over to her.  She was still staring at the sea of sand, mesmerized with the complexity of something so simple.  I suppose I was too.
"Date a girl who reads books," she said, briefly taking her eyes off the sand to glance at me. 
"What’s that?" I asked, not quite understanding her.
"Date a girl who reads books.  For her, the world of books is as infinite as this sand." 
She picked some up and let it sift through her fingers.  I watched as the grains slid quietly off of her hand and back into their pasture. 
"Hey, do we have any water left?" I motioned at the backpack, a bit parched from the summer heat.
"No we’re all out," she said calmly, "The sand is our water.  Let us drink from it together."
"What the hell," I said.
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it’s 4:20 you know what that means.  time to go out and milk the cows.  life on a pennsylvanian farm is tough but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Happy 90th birthday Brando!  

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